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Experimental folk band
play Big Tent and the Gypsy Lantern · Beggars Belief

Big Tent and the Gypsy Lantern · Beggar’s Belief

Experimental folk band Big Tent and the Gypsy Lantern came to Sizzle Studio recently, having won a free day of studio time at Purbeck Folk Festival when they performed for the Purbeck Rising tale…

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play Sizzle Studio · Infinity and Beyond (Orchestral Composition)

Sizzle Studio · Infinity and Beyond (Orchestral Composition)

This is the orchestral accompaniment I recently composed and produced for a theatrical trailer, commissioned by P&G. The remit here was ‘over the top’ which you’d agree it i…

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Pachango Tricks of the Trade
play Pachango · Things Will Be Different in Vancouver

Pachango · Things Will Be Different in Vancouver

I’m uploading this recently re-mixed track as a salute to Dave Cain, whose birthday it is today. We miss him.…

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Jason Hinchey 1
play Jason Hinchey · Shooting the Breeze

Jason Hinchey · Shooting the Breeze

Jason Hinchey recorded his album here at Sizzle in record time. With one day to record, and one day to mix and master, I thought the challenge would be beyond me, but I think this sample shows wh…

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Surfing with Outfit Moray
play Sizzle Studio · Outfit Moray

Sizzle Studio · Outfit Moray

A custom composition for educational charity Outfit Moray. The idea was to create a song-like piece that could be tailored to fit the changing flow of the film. We made a number of interchangeabl…

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The Duruma Cultural Dancers
play The Duruma Cultural Dancers · Ngoma Ya Chifyu Ya Ndaro

The Duruma Cultural Dancers · Ngoma Ya Chifyu Ya Ndaro

This track belongs to a style of music known as Sengenya. It comes from the coast of Kenya and was recorded in a rural village a couple of hours north of Mombassa. As far as I know it's the only …

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Counting Time - Album out soon
play Tinderbox · Drowning Me

Tinderbox · Drowning Me

Here’s a sample from the track “Drowning Me” from the forthcoming album “Counting Time” by Tinderbox. Tinderbox are going from strength to strength and I’m exc…

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Tamanna, a feature film scored and mixed at Sizzle soon to go on general release.

I'm excited to announce that Tamanna, a feature film, for which Sizzle Studio provided both score and post production sound is due to go on general release in Pakistan in the next couple of weeks. Hailed as  [ read more… ]

The Douglas Firs coming to Sizzle, and a new member for the Sizzle family!

The Douglas Firs have been promising to pay me a visit for some time, so it's with some excitement that I look forward to our first session on Saturday. They've been making music for some time…

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Sound advice · Where you should go for that pro sound.

Sound is of paramount importance at Sizzle. Whilst I'm not keen on negative campaigning, I do think people have a right to know where they can get the best sounding recordings locally, especially when that sound comes at a more affordable price. A recent visitor to Sizzle came to record a second …

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PA Hire – Now offered at Sizzle!

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer an excellent PA rig for hire. To celebrate, we're breaking the new gear in with some tantalising introductory offers, so get in touch for a bespoke quote, and make your next live event sizzle! Our new rig features the highly acclaimed Yamaha DXR12 spe…

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20% off for Christmas vouchers until Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas! Sizzle Studio is offering 20% off our normal rates on studio vouchers purchased between now and Christmas eve. Why not treat someone special to a great recording that they can keep forever. Personalised vouchers are available for anything from 4 hours to 10 days of studio time, and …

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The South Coast’s Latin / Reggae / Funk Maestros Pachango at Sizzle

Pachango are one of the best latin / reggae / funk bands in the South at the moment, and I'm really excited about being asked to produce their first full album. After two great sessions, the backbone of the album is t…

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Sizzle Studio Proudly Sponsors BMTH Unplugged

Making the crowning contribution to a cracking list of prizes on offer, Sizzle Studio is offering a full day of recording to the winner of the BMTH Unplugged talent contest. The results for the first four heats are already in, and things are hotting up for an exciting second round. BMTH Unplugged…

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The Skints, and The King Blues – Live music review

Last night a gig about which I knew very little turned out to be one of the best I've been to. I hadn't had a lot of sleep the night before, and was feeling jaded even for a Sunday, but when we arrived at the [ read more… ]

Alec James · New Album Release

Alec has been recording and producing his music here in Bournemouth with us for some time now, and it's with great pleasure that we announce the release of his latest album - Another Ticket for the Round…

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Competition · Win a full day in the studio!

To celebrate Sizzle's launch we're offering a full day (worth £150) in the studio. All you need to do is sign up to our mailing list below, and if you have one, why not send us a link to your myspace, soundcloud, youtube etc so we can have a listen to any demos/recordings you've made so far. [co…

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